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Who We Are

I know that there are many options in the bath and body market, so thank you for choosing Two Moms Bath Bombs! If you are wondering who we are, I am happy to share our lives and this story with you! 

My name is Jamie and I first started making bath bombs for three reasons:

1. I enjoy using them myself and spent way too much money on big brand products that contained fillers and unnecessary ingredients.

2. It's FUN! This started as a hobby and then it grew into something much bigger than we ever anticipated. Once the word got out, there was no slowing this passion. I won't say that it isn't trying sometimes because... I am human... But I truly enjoy what I do and I am so blessed to have this opportunity!

3. The BIGGEST reason? My daughter. My little girl LOVES fun baths, but not everything that seems harmless and fun is the same for children. I wanted bath bombs with as little "stuff" in them as possible for her extremely sensitive skin. What better way to control that than making them myself? She is my inspiration in all that I do.

So where does the name come from? Once this thing took off on social media, I looked to my best friend, Callie, for help. We are sisters-in-law who have been besties from the moment we met. Callie is the mom of my beautiful and sassy four year old niece, Layla. I am the proud mom of a precious (everything I could have ever dreamed of) three year old, Emarie. Being so close in age, our hands and hearts are very full with our little ones. Therefore, the name "Two Moms Bath Bombs" was born. Though Callie no longer makes bath products, she participated when I needed the help and I will forever give her acknowledgment! 

I've been blessed to open a physical storefront, which allowed my product lines to expand further. We are no longer just bath bombs as the name suggests. We now offer body wash, bubble bath, salt soaks, a beard care line, facial soaps, wax melts and candles, just to name a few. Trust me, the list goes on and on! Now we are building this online storefront so that you can enjoy our wonderful products all around the country!

On a more personal note... My husband, Cory, has been my biggest supporter on this journey. He has been right beside me, cheering me on while I turned this hobby into a career. Bless his heart, it has been a long journey, let me tell ya! I have the best family I could ever ask for. When people say, “it takes a village,” this business is a testimony to that fact. They inspire me to live with passion and have taught me to pour my heart into all that I do.


I always seek to put God first in my life, even though I saved this for last. I give Him all of the glory for these blessings. Let me just say, if you are still reading this, you are now part of this journey and I would like to genuinely thank you for your support.